About Us

Here at Kids Cabs we have a pretty simple philosophy

We believe that..

every child has the right to safe transport and that the provision of that
transport should be no more expensive simply because it is safe.

It’s on every page of this site, its on our literature and its framed and hanging on our wall. It’s our bottom line and it’s why Kids Cabs started in the first place.

We are extremely proud of our drivers and our childrens escorts. They all have one thing in common, they know how important your child is to you and know how important in-car safety is to your child.
All are caring, tolerant and understanding.

Owners, managers and drivers are father and son Alex and Keith. Both of us share the same desire to create a company that is reliable, offers value for money and most importantly is safe for children and their families.





Kids Cabs – serious about safety

We use only new car seats and equipment and we know how to use them properly.
We always try to be innovative and flexible with our range of services,
some of which can be seen here.

Covering Edinburgh & The Lothians (and beyond) we operate seven days a week if required.
Because advance booking is required, availability is rarely a problem and its seldom that we cannot meet demand.
Registration is free and we intend to introduce a membership scheme in the near future.

Further details can be found here.

If you want to know more, want to use Kids Cabs or are just plain curious, then please call or contact us. If not, then thanks for looking and at least take a minute to check out our In Car Safety page.
After all, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t care !


CityTran Ltd

is our sister site and offers a broad range of transport options, all of which can be
used in conjunction with Kids Cabs.
CityTran Advance: CityTran Seniors: CityTran Chaperone: CityTran Air-link:CityTran Courier: CityTran Solutions: CityTran Taxi

Our services can operate seven days a week and we accept all major credit cards.